Please read this. It would mean so much.

My best friend Kyra, was one of the biggest fans of the Janoskians. We’d always meet up and watch videos all day. Until about 7 weeks ago, she was in a severe car accident. I went to go up to the hospital to see her. As I walked in, she said,

"Who are you?" My smile dropped completely. I started crying and gave her a present. It was a ‘janoskians’ pillow case. She said to me,

"Who are the Janoskians?" I cried even more. She had memory loss. She had forgotten about the boys and even worse, me. We have been best friends since grade 1 and we’d do everything together. Before her accident, we were so excited because we were talking about meeting the boys on her birthday. I went to the hospital a lot and tried to gain back her memory by showing her heaps of photos and things we made for each other. We got to know each other again and we got pretty close. Three weeks ago during her head surgery, she didn’t make it. I got the call and I was crying for hours. I went into her hospital room to go and get the photos I’d left for her and I saw something on the side table beside her bed. I opened the bag and saw a bracelet and a letter. It said this:

"Hey Shyanne! As you know, I lost my memory. It must’ve been hard for you. But yesterday  I remembered you! I remembered that time we got detention because we swore at the teacher, and the time we went swimming in Sydney Harbour. I remembered all the memories we had together. After my operation on my head, I’m going to give you the biggest hug! I can’t believe I actually forgot you! But promise me on my birthday, we’ll go and meet the Janoskians? It would be a dream come true. Love you and see you soon! xxx"

I never knew that the last time I’d see her is at her funeral. 

Tomorrow on the 18th of March, is her birthday. We would of met them together. Please get the boys to see this. I want them to send their birthday wishes and prayers. She would be so happy if she were here. 

R.I.P beautiful xxx

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